Makes the virtual universe more real and the real world richer

Makes the virtual universe more real and the real world richer

Viz4D is the first and only interactive visualization platform developed for use on smartphone browsers. The real-time 3D web applications that Viz4D creates not only have lifelike graphics, but run right in the browser: no download, no installation, no special equipment.  This convenience makes the content of Viz4D have extremely wide application potential, Viz4D's high performance 3D space can be used for culture, education, business, marketing, games and any other parallel universe. Viz4D supports the architectural visualization first to help other industries take advantage of:  - Large, skilled and available design human resources everywhere  - Powerful design software system and stylish library rich. All of this makes Viz4D's results easy to create, stunning, true to life, and affordable to design.  Viz4D has prepared both an ecosystem and an efficient workflow.  Viz4D content apps are easy to create, true to life, cheap and readily reach billions of mobile users globally.  Do you have a brand, product or idea that you need Viz4D to bring to the world? A real-time 3D museum: You can visualize and interact with it on any device's browser.

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