Real-time communication with customers or partners right on the 3D scene of the project to convey ideas, manage expectations, review designs and receive feedback.
Regardless of their location, equipment and software copyrights

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Increase productivity and reduce costs by eliminating outdated processes:
face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, email exchanges or print-outs


Shorten the customer approval process in an unprecedented way: Change the 3D models to present a range of design options and allow them to preview as if project already were built.


Your stakeholders can navigate through 3D designs in real time, review issues, make decisions and share comments with each other remotely on their smartphones.


Communicate privately and manage issues with different groups on the same project by duplicating your Viz4D space, granting access and sending each group a private link.


All collaboration that takes place on 3d models and stakeholders will be instantly notified - in Viz4D and via email - when new comments or sharing are available.


With multiple view modes, measure and cross-sectional tool ready to assist discovery in Viz4d, customers able can navigate a virtual walk-through to anywhere they want


Easily pin captions, screenshots, or share links of documents, photos, and videos on project 3D models. Exactly where stakeholders need to perform the task together.

Leverage 3D design data to preview projects, shorten approval processes and collaborate seamlessly with all stakeholders.

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Discover how interior design teams assign tasks, review designs, present project phases, send bid and receive customer approvals.

You already have a 3D design, so why not communicate, manage and market on it?


Easily create and publish Real-time 3D presentations on browser from traditional visualization pipelines.

Eliminate outdated processes: email exchange, phone explanations, print-outs, screenshots and physical models to collaborate directly on real-time 3D models.

Create a visual representation of your 3D design, where stakeholders collaborate together from marketing, customer consulting to planning and internal reviews

Harness the infinite potential of 3D design data to cooperate globally, increase productivity and stand out in the marketplace.

Create visual collaborative spaces for stakeholders: All activities from consulting, presenting to customers to cooperating with suppliers and colleagues are done on 3D models

Leverage your 3D design data to create consulting, presentation and approval spaces for clients. This is also the place for internal coordination, cooperation and evaluation

Collaborate on the 3D models to increase productivity for interior design, architecture and construction

Re-use 3D models created by the design and engineering departments for project preview, shorten approval process, and collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders.

Help you assign tasks, review progress, check deliverables, evaluate design, present project phase, bid and submit customer approval in real-time 3D

Turn your design into a lightweight and cloud-based 3D space where ready for collaborators across the globe to work remotely, via any device they have.

Shorten the customer approval process in an unprecedented way: Present a range of 3D design options and allow them to preview project as if it already were built.

Help you engage your audience during design review, project phase presentation, bidding, and shortening customer approval processes.

Visual 3D communication to help you deliver your projects, showcase your properties, and achieve your goals

Bring you cutting edge 3D technologies and provide the cooperation tools required for the throughout project lifecycle

Accurately visualize, analyze, edit and track your entire project - including logistics and temporary jobs - in a data-rich and visual environment.

Real-time 3D collaboration to optimize construction projects of all types from tendering through construction, commissioning and handover.

Communicate your design simultaneously with users around the world and assign members to a project.

Where you assign tasks, review progress, check deliverables, evaluate design, present project phase, bid and submit customer approval.

Deliver interactive 3D presentations to customers and other stakeholders to better explain, reduce design costs, speed up approval, and ultimately sell.

Leverage 3D designs data to operate accurate and intuitive building architecture projects right on their online 3D representation models

Unleashed one of the most powerful communication resources that AEC companies often have are: 3D data generated by engineering and design departments.

Bring your design, idea, or concept to life so that you can capture the attention and interest of customers, investors, and colleagues.

Streamline project management, assign tasks, review progress, and check deliverables, all from Viz4D space

Cloud-based collaboration platform of the new era, where design information becomes clear and alive with real-time 3D archviz technology.

Present designs in real-time 3D technology's reliable, understandable way that static renderings & video cannot

Allow your stakeholders to navigate through design together, make decisions remotely and share comments right on that 3D design model

Democratize the use of real-time 3D visualization & interaction to easily communicate with non-architects.

Navigate through representative 3D models of the design in real time, review issues, make decisions and share comments with each other remotely on their smartphones.

Offer memorable customer experience with interactive 3D marketing and collaboration tools.

Real-time 3D information is rapidly transforming the way people work in every sector and nowhere are the benefits more clear than in architecture, engineering and construction.

Allow developers and customers to experiment in 3D environment and to make better decisions when designing, building or buying a product.

Providing a unique technology solution to visualize, analyze, evaluate and track your entire project remotely.

Help stakeholders to envisage a space that has yet to be built via immersive 3D environments that work on any device.

Communicate with partners right on the project's 3D model to manage expectations, understand their requirements and get accurate feedback

Provides a data-rich technology environment that helps architecture and construction companies use 3D design data to manage all operations.

Visualize projects in full 3D so architects and designers can easily create presentations, share them with stakeholders and collaborate via web browsers

Viz4D's real-time cloud collaboration space allows architects to apply design changes faster without having to go directly to customers.

Bring you cutting edge visualization technology and provide the collaboration tools required for the throughout project lifecycle.

Improve workflow among stakeholders, wherever they are and make it easy to manage all aspects: time, cost and materials…

Managing AEC projects in Viz4D is always faster, cheaper and more efficient due to complete 3D information, easy to visualize and manage wherever.

Enable engineering teams, sub-contractors, and stakeholders to all work with the same 3D model.


Viz4D's powerful cloud server does all the heavy, hard and time-consuming tasks in the back-end for your success

Reduce the amount of polygon and size of every map in each 3D model to the required LOD levels under the control of a proprietary optimization algorithm.

Convert specialized materials like Vray, Corona... and create UV maps suitable for rendering super high dynamic range Lightmaps.

Compress all textures to a GPU-compressed format, using a technical know-how to produce super-small sizes without artifacts and color noise.

Comprehensive optimization in every stage from minimum UV density estimation, draw-calls reduction… to data distribution methods on each terminal type.

Empower architecture, interior and construction firm to capitalize 3D models to dominate all related work

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Support 3ds Max 2019 to 2025, Corona Renderer and V-Ray Renderer.

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