4D Museum of Ancient Sculptures

Explore collection of ancient sculptures from historical sites across Vietnam, presented on Viz4D engine. Presenting a realistic space like this in VR standalone used to be hardly achiveable work. But now, Viz4D engine are able to eliminate all hardware requirements so anyone can easily experience high-quality VR with any device they have. Breaking the deadlock, paving the way for VR and the Metaverse to be widely used. This broad and cross-platform usability of Viz4D also serves as a technological bridge to attract users from the smartphone ecosystem, which is the dream of Metaverse developers, something that major Game Engines not ready yet. Viz4D is focused on massifying the VR experience to bring the largest user base to the Metaverse. Scene created by: Phuong Nguyen Thao

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Support 3ds Max 2019 to 2024, Corona Renderer and V-Ray Renderer.
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