Real-time 4D Visualization on browser

End-to-end Processing, Optimizing and Displaying platform

Automatically turns your 3ds Max scene into a Metaverse webapp where viewers can visualize and be immersed even when using smartphones

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The first and only interactive visualization platform developed for use on smartphones.
Capable of creating ambitious marketing assets, ready to reach billions of mobile users globally


Real estate companies, furniture manufacturers and distributors can leverage design data to create Experiential Marketing campaigns, ready to reach billions of users globally across any device. Win customer trust by letting them experience what your product will look like before they buy it.


Architectural, interior firms win more projects by using impressive 4D presentations to consult and submit design options to customers for remote approval. Or increase productivity when using it daily for internal collaboration between design and construction.

Our top-notch interactive performance will help you succeed in any industry.
Help distinguish your brand from competitors, impress customers and change the game.

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Empowering creating web-based 4D interactive marketing spaces for any visualizer (interior designer or architect), regardless of their skill level.


No need to spend time on self-optimization and resetting lights (or materials) like other solutions. Viz4D is auto-optimized and fully compatible with Corona + Vray in 3ds Max.


With other solutions, you will have to buy software, equipment and hire experts ... but not sure to achieve results. Only with Viz4D you will surely get usable results after uploading.


Unique to Viz4D, people can configure products, save and send their choices to sellers to make purchases or share on social media to consult with friends.


Directly viewable on the web without installation.
Compatible with all platforms: Android, iOS, PC, etc.
There's no barrier between your 3D content and the customer


Viz4D is designed to fit perfectly into the professional Archviz pipeline: Directly supports lighting, materials of popular rendering plugins like Corona + Vray in 3ds Max.


Our powerful cloud server auto-performs all the hard and time-consuming tasks for you: Comprehensive 3D optimization, interactive programming, and unwrap UVs…


Automatically and precisely optimize every stage in 3D scenes: from draw-calls, UV density, polygons, maps... to priority aware mechanisms based on each device.


Author can further fine-tune 4D scenes anytime: Change textures, adjust colors, resetting materials, improving exposure and contrast, then saving as new variants.

No need to hire experts, no additional knowledge.
Viz4D helps you solve any technical challenge in real-time 3D visualization.

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These 3dsMax scenes contain many millions of polygons but all have been Automatically Optimized by Viz4D.
Try it out on your smartphone:

Ready to Embed into e-commerce website and landing page.
An inevitable trend to boost Marketing and Sales for the post-pandemic market.

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Helps you leverage all existing knowledge, software and hardware.


Viz4D plugin will help you check design errors, estimate processing time, set priority UV density ratio for each template before uploading.




Viz4D's cloud server will automatically optimize, generate multiple LODs, convert, compress every mesh and map in your scene, then return you a low-poly version of the original 3D scene.


Using your PC, the plugin will automatically download that low-poly version, then bake lightmaps based on the UV that Viz4D unwrapped, compress and upload them.




Once the lightmaps upload is complete, the resulting scene is ready in Viz4D Editor. You can fine-tune the lighting, materials of each model, supplement information and share your work with the world.

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Provide a highly communicative digital technology environment to visualize, present your great projects, increase customer acquisition, and shorten approval processes.

Automatically optimize & convert your 3dsMax scene into a extremely portable and stunning browser-based 4D world.

Empowers viewers to explore and configure your products in a life-like context with just the smartphones they already have

Correctly visualize the future appearance of real estate to avoid mistakes before moving on to construction.

Help you easily turn 3D design data into stunning interactive and immersive scene without any prior training.

No need to download, install heavy software and use expensive computers for real-time ArchViz interaction

Allow people to step inside the design, feel how future residents will live in it before the actual construction begins.

Submerse your audiences into dynamically customizing 3D visual environments to get a product built just how they want.

Give consumers the chance to try it online, discover designs and customize products just from their browser

Visualize design variations in a super detailed 3D space where customers configure their desired product version themselves.

Instantly visualize all possible configurations in your 3D scene - even when there are thousands of them - by only a smartphone

Receive trust, give a sense of trust, by enabling customers to thoroughly explore future property in a medium that suits them.

Eliminate expensive hardware requirements to allow you to reach billions of mobile users, attract their attention to increase sales

Allow your customers to truly immerse themselves in a virtual space with countless interactive options for colors and materials.

Create real-time 3D Visualization has never been easier: designers only control the rendering process and we automatically perform all the remaining work

Showcase, share, collaborate and promote ideas on the interactive 3D platform specialized for architecture. All in browser with just a few click!

Easily configure, visualize, quote and order even most complex products within an interactive Viz4D environment.

Anyone can immerse, interact, customize all options available in designs and receiving instantly visual results

Revolutionize the way architects present projects, collaborate with colleagues and arouse customer emotions

Give viewers the power to visualize & customize complex design with no skill, expensive equipment or heavy 3D software required

Bring your products and services to life through real-time 3D models while showing all their features, functions, and options

Empower architecture, interior and construction firms to use 3D models to dominate all related work: sales, marketing, project management, content production

Create an incredible brand presence: provide marketing content for a real-time 3D product experience deployed globally

Open a new market: online showrooms, stores and exhibitions. Where you are free to design to honor a product or brand on the web without building.

Convert 3D design into fully web-based real-time VR content and require minimum hardware parameters to access

Cut the costs, save time, visualize projects in immersive 4D to help your customers find their own style

Visualize the interior of buildings and structures in a whole new way that 2D graphical presentations are unable to rival

Redefine how people create, share and experience 3D archviz on the devices they already use to get online.

Gone are the days when you need to download, install heavy software and use expensive computers for real-time interaction

You already have 3D design, so why not collaborate, manage production, marketing and sales on that 3d model?

Provide customers with an extraordinary understanding of the design and suggestions for modifying it with the author

Increase user participation, improve user experience allowing them to make better decisions when choosing or customizing products

Visualize all your projects in full 4D with a fresh look and from every possible angle with just a smartphone

In the Viz4D environment, smartphones can interact in real time with 3dsMax scenes as smooth as a workstations

Offer memorable customization experiences for users by allowing them to configure and visualize their own, perfect products

Save instantly few weeks of work and thousands of dollars often spent on interactive 3D experts.

Turning your data into an easy-to-use 4D environment to impress customers and encourage them to interact with your product.

Getting customers into the design gives them a preview of how the building will appear in real life

Accelerate project approvals by offering multiple design options in the same 3D presentation, allowing customers to review and make decisions easier

Convey your design as if it has been already built or allowed partners to experience your architectural project in an interactive and immersive 3D space.

Download Viz4D Plugin for 3ds Max:
Download Viz4D Plugin 0.8.18
* To install, Drag and drop the downloaded .mzp file into 3ds Max viewport
Support 3ds Max from 2019 to 2023, Corona Renderer and V-Ray Renderer.
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